Going to the doctor is a hassle, especially if you can ease your symptoms through natural remedies at home.  Easing the symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI), colic, constipation and other aliments can be treated at home.  Remember to research any home or natural remedy thoroughly before trying it.  In the case of a UTI there are only a few true home remedies that actually work to clear it up entirely.

When researching natural and home remedies make sure that they come from verifiable and trusted sources.  If the remedy in question cannot be verified by at least two other sources, then it is a remedy that should be put on the maybe or elimination lists.  You do not want to use an unverified and untrusted remedy.

Another thing to look for in a home remedy are the ingredients.  The home remedies are all natural.  If you cannot take the ingredients out of your cupboard or refrigerator, then it is not a natural remedy.  A natural, homemade remedy should not involve anything synthetic or from your medicine cabinet.  If you cannot pronounce the ingredients or they require something from your medicine cabinet, it is not a home remedy and you should not use it.

When using an all-natural, home remedy it is important not to deviate from the recipe.  Just because you have about heard all the wonderful benefits of turmeric does not mean you double the amount in an anti-inflammatory remedy.  Making a natural remedy at home is not like making a chicken dish.  The measurements in a home remedy are set so that the ingredients work together to help you feel better, not to make a dish taste better.

Of course the best natural remedy of all is to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid getting sick in the first place.  That means lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest.  This is by far the best natural home remedy recipe ever.

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